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Mr. Eaves and His Magic Camera

I did not push Mr. Eaves into the Pecos River and it wasn't my idea to tie his camera to the windshield wiper of a speeding car. All I can claim is that he is a student of mine and I did lecture him on the merits of serendipity. (I did suggest baking his camera in the New Mexico sun for 8 hrs followed by a stove top for another 16 hrs, which he did.)

It happened last August, when Farrell Eaves ventured north into the Pecos Wilderness area of New Mexico.. At around 8,000 feet in elevation, nearing the headwaters of this famed river, he set up his tripod to capture a majestic scene. Apparently distracted by the cry of a nearby bird, he bumped the tripod sending it crashing into the fast moving rapids. (The exact spot shall remain a secret as we think the salinity of the water and exact altitude is part of the magic formula.) Retrieving his camera, he retraced his footsteps back to his vehicle and returned to our Pecos River camp. After draining the camera ( it was a Nikon Digital 990) he began his treatment. It took a couple days -- some of the steps shall remain classified, but I think it was tying the camera to the windshield wiper on the outside of the car and driving to Las Vegas and back at 75 mph that finally dried the camera and transformed it into its magical state.

I am happy and proud to show you these pictures taken by a magical camera in the hands of a magical photographer. None of these were doctored in any way by Photoshop - they are straight out of the camera. The camera, a one of a kind, is now carefully preserved and insured (I hope) by Lloyds of London. Farrell now uses it for special projects and recently had one of his photos accepted for an art show (the only photograph hanging in the show). Click on the photo below to see more of his photos from last year's visit to New Mexico. Click here for Farrell's comments.

Copyright 2002 Farrell Eaves