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by Bruce Dale, © National Geographic Magazine

The St. Lawrence River

by William S. Ellis
Photographed by Bruce Dale

37 pages

National Geographic Magazine
May 1980

by Bruce Dale, © Nat Geo Mag
Oceangoing behemoth steams past a vacation cottage on Just Room Enough, a postage-stamp scrap of land among the thousand Islands.

by Bruce Dale, © Nat Geo Mag

Free-falling stream never freezes where the Montmorency River takes a 274 foot plunge on its way to join the St. Lawrence River. Frozen spray builds a smooth mound known as the Sugarloaf, drawing sledders and sliders from nearby Quebec City. More serious ice climbers tackle the escarpment beside the fall itself.

by Bruce Dale, © Nat Geo Mag

Abel Gauthier, tends to a lamb on his rural farm along the St. Lawrence River.